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Hibiscus Fenugreek Oil Blend

Hibiscus Fenugreek Oil Blend

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Hibiscus Fenugreek Oil Blend

60ml Dropper Bottle

Unlock the secrets of ancient beauty rituals with the infusion of hibiscus flower petals and fenugreek seeds. These natural wonders have been cherished for generations for their ability to promote thicker, fuller hair and prevent breakage.


Almond oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Hibiscus flower petals, and Fenugreek seeds.




Ways you can use this product:

  1. Apply to dry scalp.  Apply 1-2 throughout week or as needed.
  2. Apply to ends to help hair strands retain moisture and shine.
  3. Apply to hair as a sealant after using a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer of choice..
  4. Apply before a shower for a soft feeling finish.


Disclaimer: Results may vary. Hair growth and improvement in hair quality require a consistent haircare routine, patience, and other factors. Our hair oil is designed to provide essential nutrients and promote a healthy scalp environment, contributing to optimal hair growth conditions. However, individual responses may differ. To maximize the benefits of our hair oil, we recommend establishing a comprehensive haircare regimen that includes regular cleansing, conditioning, and protecting your hair from damage. Consulting with a professional can provide personalized guidance. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any hair or scalp conditions.

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